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Our co-host Courtney Gedeon is an fun, energetic, Canadian lifestyle personality. She has extensive experience in theatre, fashion, and social media.  Courtney was awarded York Region’s person of the year in 2020 for all of her grassroots community outreach efforts and recently led mental health week for the Canadian Mental Health Association interviewing mental health experts and advocates. She is passionate about women empowerment and runs her own women led business.


Our co-host Ebonnie Rowe is the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit artist development program for young female artists.  She's spent decades working with youth - uplifting, supporting, advocating for and empowering women.  Ebonnie has distinguished herself throughout her career as someone dedicated to the growth of others and the support of causes with a positive community impact and has received many accolades for her work including a YWCA Woman of Distinction Award and was also featured in the book “Canada 150 Women - Conversations with Leaders, Champions, and Luminaries”.

Empowering women, one voice at a time. We are firm believers that we rise by lifting others. 


The Women Empowerment Podcast is a platform for women to share their personal stories and experiences, trials and triumphs, to have their voices heard, to promote, inspire and motivate other women.  We want to share the journey of women leaders and entrepreneurs from all industries and sectors who have made an outstanding impact in our society and empower others to do the same.


Episode 01 - Christine Faulhaber, CEO & Founder Faulhaber Communications

Episode 02 - Analucia Beltran, Founder and CEO Analucia Beltran Diamonds

Episode 03 - Mary Jean Tully, Founder and CEO, Tully Luxury Travel

Episode 04 - Marcia Brown, Founder and Executive Director, Trust 15 

Episode 05 - Susan Niczowski, President -

The Summer Fresh Salads Inc.

Episode 06 - Reetu Gupta - Chairwoman,The Gupta Group

Episode 07 - Francine Mbvoumbo - Founder, Mothers to Daughters

Episode 08 - Emily O'Brien - Founder, Comeback Snacks

Episode 09 - Amie Archibald-Varley 

Health Equity Specialist

Episode 10 - Beckie Di Leo

Founder, 6ix Academy


Episode 11 - Dimitra Davidson

President & COO, Indeed Laboratories

IMG_7240 (1) Headshot.jpg

Episode 12 - Iris Simpson

Instructor, Toronto Metropolitan University


Episode 13 - Selena Woo

Vice President, Advisory Services, Nicola Wealth


Episode 14 - Ashley Mckenzie-Barnes

Founder, D.PE Agency

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